Humans have been using CBD for years to treat various ailments, but how can CBD help your pets? We know that humans share up to 98% genetic similarity with other mammals and assuming your pet is a mammal, they have the same endocannabinoid system you have. Which means that we are susceptible to many of the same kinds of illnesses.

Dogs suffer from anxiety, inflammation and age-related illnesses just like their human friends. Due to the anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and calming effects of CBD, many with aging pets swear by the youth and vigor that CBD oil can reintroduce into the life of a dog who has been slowed down by the inevitable effects of age.

Selective breeding has produced loyal and athletic dogs that have served innumerable roles in the lives of their human friends. The canine species has been crafted into the perfect tool from German Shepard police dogs to lapdogs like the Pomeranian. Simultaneously, we created breeds like pugs, with flattened snouts that can lead to breathing problems.

For dogs with more unique troubles like these, CBD is still able to shed some light on their darkness. It has the ability to relieve pain and inflammation that results from inefficient hip joints in Chihuahuas. CBD has also shown an ability to tighten the soft tissues that can lead to snoring and, in severe cases, infection, in dogs with shorter-than-average snouts.

There are vast possibilities of how CBD can help us and our pets. New discoveries are made on a daily basis. If you or your pet suffer from any of these conditions, then it’s likely that CBD can improve your quality of life in a drastic way.

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