Cannabis is not about being a hippie or a stoner…

The people most likely to be using cannabis are major influences in our community. From investment bankers to athletes, people of all ages are turning to the cannabis plant to help with symptoms that are caused by anxiety, stress, and other pharmaceuticals they may be taking on a daily or weekly basis.

While many may be reluctant to admit any use, we know from the testimonials we’ve witnessed that the cannabis plant has much more to offer than just getting the munchies.

In recent years, we have heard stories of preservatives found in most processed food today that can be harmful to us in large quantities. Our society as a whole has become more conscious of what additives are being put in to our food. Why should pain medication be held to a different standard?

Meet the Team

For too long there has been a negative stigma surrounding the cannabis plant. Gaining the motivation needed to spread awareness about this miracle plant came quickly when we started seeing how CBD has affected the quality of life of our loved ones.

We also believe using natural products should be a first choice and not a last resort.


Lisa Nandin

Founder & CEO

Graduate of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Excited to be a pioneer in the cannabis industry


Abreanna Nandin

Founder & CEO

Colorado Springs, CO Native
“It’s a generational thing”

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